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20 Loyalty Road
North Rocks, NSW, 2151


The Fix Cold Pressed Juice, online retailer and wholesaler of cold pressed juices.


White Labelling

Are you looking for a company to manufacture and packaged your own juice?

With the facilities to produce any quantity from 1 litre to 100's of litres,  with access to any ingredients you require, the combinations are endless.

The benefit for you is you can focus and invest  your time and money on marketing and selling your product and let us take care of the manufacturing.


Custom Blends

Are you a cafe, restaurant, or any other company looking to outsource your juice production to save you time?

Are you selling at markets and want to ease your work load? 

Are you a restaurant or cafe looking to save time but still want a custom product?

We can manufacture any combinations and supply to you in bladders for you to re package or in bottles.

From straight flavours to blends, our facilities can produce any combination you require with most ingredients.

We can supply "raw" or organize pasteurization. We use High Pressure Pasteurisation (HPP) to the extended shelf life. Compared to traditional heat methods which kill many vitamins and minerals that are heat sensitive, HPP retains all vital nutrients and the beautiful colour and taste of the juice. No preservatives or additives are ever added. This gives you a 4 week shelf life