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The Fix Cold Pressed Juice, online retailer of juices, cleanses, cold brew coffee and plant based milks

We also wholesale cold pressed juices and plant-based milks for cafes, restaurants, health food stores and retail outlets.

Our plant based milk ranges include almond and hemp. As well as chocolate and cold brew coffee variants.

Cold brew coffee is available in plain and with MCT oil (Bullet proof).

Karma Cleanse

This page provides an overview of our Advance Level juice cleanse program.


karma cleanse

The Karma Cleanse is not an ordinary cleanse and we assume that you take your health seriously because there is nothing novice or amateur about this cleanse. Karma is all about deep and sustained detoxing through the day. A complete mind and body reset. 

The Karma Cleanse is for those that understand the amazing effects of  vibrant health and want to keep going. Karma Cleanse provides the cleanest way of juicing, as it omits certain foods that would otherwise slow the detoxification process that means that we forego the sweeter stuff and get you neck deep in greens. The result of this cleanse is a flood of chlorophyll, restoring your alkaline balance, and seriously resting your insides and restoring your body and mind to vitality. 

The Karma Cleanse will provide all the minerals and vitamins your body is craving and will improve your stamina through the day. The Cleanse is almost entirely made of green leafy vegetables which means that your body will be actively removing toxins from while absorbing only nutrients.

We have also included more calming herbs like ashwagandha and bacopa in the green juices which alleviate stress and promote a natural return to energy. Bacopa in particular is known for its ability to promote brain function and tranquility. 

With a daily schedule that includes 12 pressed juiced, our Karma Cleanse is sure to restore your body and mind its natural equilibrium. The Karma Cleanse an effective way to return to a relaxed state of mind and increase your capacity to recover and replenish. 


The Fix: Karma Cleanse
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No 1: Shot in the Dark - alkalising lemon and charcoal

No 2: Hemp Milk - Chai

No 3: Hold Your Horses 

No 4/5: Take a Chill Pill x 2 

No 6: Hold Your Horses 

No 7: Take a Chill Pill 

No 8: Down to Earth 


Total Daily Intake = 8 x 350ml

What we put in it

The fiber in green leafy vegetables helps stabilize blood sugar and insulin, preventing energy levels from rising rapidly only to crash down. These Juices are designed to kick start your day with a boost of energy and the cleanse definitely packs a vitamin and nutrient punch. We have included a diverse mix of green vegetables because we know that with your busy lifestyle this can be hard some days.  We recommend you take these juices with some sunshine if you can escape the office! 
Our juices are made from wholefoods which means your body will only be ingesting the best quality produce available in Australia. We have been very careful to select fruits, nuts, vegetables and herbs with high nutritional content so that we can ease your body into a sense of well being. 





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Delivery will be performed daily between 8am and 5pm (Tuesday to Friday excluding Public Holidays) by our friendly courier FastWay. If we are unable to deliver during this time period  we will be in contact to make alternative arrangements.  If you are unable to accept the delivery in person, no problems, all our juices are packed in styrofoam boxes with plenty of ice to keep them cold until you come home.

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